Sandstone Peak

I decided to start blogging about some of the hikes I’ve been on. I’d be a more avid hiker if I were less lazy, but I do like a good trip away from steel and concrete. There is a certain satisfaction to traversing terrain on foot, a pace that forces you to slow down and notice the pebbles at your feet, the breezes that save you at the right time, and the heights that you reach with your own two feet.

Sandstone trail

On the trail

On Black Friday, I did manage to come off a 10 hour flight from Taiwan to hike Sandstone Peak in Malibu, CA as part of Rei’s #OptOutside campaign to go outdoors instead of stampede shopping. Distance from the trailhead to the peak is about 3.5 miles, and elevation change is about 1000 feet, so this isn’t a trail for the severely sedentary. But even in my very deconditioned and jet-lagged state, the hike was not terribly taxing. It did get very warm since it was somewhat past noon by the time we got to the peak.

Balanced Rock

Balanced Rock

Along the way, there are brief views of the nearby peaks and Balanced Rock (much more optimistic than what I was calling “tipping rock”). Unfortunately, there are no streams since it’s SoCal where all water channels have long dried up. Near the summit, the climb is fairly steep, and at the peak elevation of 3,114 ft, you are rewarded with a panoramic view of the Santa Monica hills. You can then take the same way back, or go on the loop–both arms are approximately equal in length.

Overall, Sandstone Peak was a decent hike although the real treat after getting off the mountain is seafood in nearby Malibu.

// j.

Summit view

View from the peak


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